Frequently Asked Questions


How many times can I have my shoes resoled?

As long as the upper leather portion of your shoes is in good condition, your shoes can be resoled 2-3 times on average.


How long does it take?

While we make every effort to get the shoes in and out of our repair facility as quickly as possible, please allow three to four weeks to receive your renewed shoes. In rare cases, replacement components may be out of stock, in which case a NuShoe representative will contact you via email.


I need my work order rushed, can you accommodate me?

All repairs are done on a first come first serve basis. However, if you have special needs, please contact our customer service staff and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you.


Can I put two pairs of shoes in one box?

You can put two pair of shoes in one box. However for internal tracking purposes please fill out one information card for each pair of shoes.


Do you use original materials?

NuShoe utilizes original Finn Comfort components.


Why use a cedar shoe tree?

Throughout the day, everybody’s feet perspire to some extent. This dampens the leather. Once you remove your shoes, they will dry with the creases across the top of the shoes. However, if cedar shoe trees are put in the shoes, the cedar will absorb the moisture allowing the shoe to dry in their original form. In addition, removing the moisture from the shoe will extend the life of the leather.


How much does shipping cost?

We provide you with a FedEx shipping label to our repair facility. Simply place your shoes and a copy of your order in a box and drop it off at any FedEx shipper. There is an additional charge added to the order form for shipping and handling, which is included on the order form.


Can I ship my shoes from outside the US?/Can you return my shoes to an address outside the US?

We don’t not offer our Renewal services internationally. Our services are only available in the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and all US territories (i.e. Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands). Our services are also available to US Military bases and American Embassies around the world.


Who do I make the check out to?

All checks should be made payable to NuShoe, Inc.


Can I buy new shoes from you?

In an effort to maintain the highest level of quality repair and customer service, NuShoe concentrates exclusively on renewing your old Finn Comfort shoes rather than selling new shoes.


Do you do orthopedic work?

We do offer orthopedic work. All orthopedic jobs are priced on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our customer service staff for a quote and more information.


What is your guarantee?

At NuShoe we always strive to provide the highest possible quality repair. All of our repair work comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects as result of our repair work.


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