Thank you so much for repairing my Finn Comfort shoes. You did such a beautiful job. What a fabulous company you are! I will continue to buy Finn’s as long as I am able.

Pat C.

NuShoe have completed resoling my Finn Comfort shoes (Orb 2506, Black Croc) and have returned them to me several weeks ago. They did a fantastic job and the shoes now look brand new. NuShoe’s workmanship is of the highest and finest quality! I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for having authorized the resoling of one of my favorite Finn Comfort shoes. I appreciated very much your assistance in this matter. Thank you again.

M.C., Ph.D.

My repair order was received yesterday. The shoes look great. Photo attached of Mom (your 96-years young customer). She was so pleased that her Finn Comforts could be repaired. Thank you.


My 91 year old mother has been in a wheelchair for many years. However, instead of using her hands to move the chair’s wheels, she propels herself by moving her feet. Over 8 years ago I bought her a pair of Finn oxfords and she has worn them, and only them, every single day. Unfortunately something happened to the sole of one of the shoes – she somehow gauged a chunk, the size of a quarter, out of it and the local shoemaker was unable to help, saying there was too much damage. I thought I’d have to buy her another pair, which would have cost over $315. Instead, I found NuShoe. The pair that I sent to them was truly worn out – I just received the repaired shoes and I would be hard pressed to distinguish them from new ones. Absolutely wonderful work!!

Lucy A.

I received my Finns back last week—OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I had been told that I would be thrilled with the results and I ABSOLUTELY am THRILLED!!! My tired black Finns look BRAND NEW!!!! THANK YOU so very much for your updates while my shoes were at your company and for the high quality work that your staff did–I will be going to the web site to share my great experience as well but wanted to take time to write you personally and say–GREAT JOB!!!! Companies like yours are what makes me so pleased to do business with companies in AMERICA–thank you to you and all of your employees!!!!!

Dave B.

I have had several soles replaced on my Finn Comfort. The workmanship is excellent. The shoe were returned looking like new. I could not be more pleased. In the future I will send any shoes for repair with total confidence.

Kathleen P.

I have just received my sandals and I can honestly say they are like brand new. I am very impressed and my second pair will be on the way for renewal. My Finns are well worth the money spent. Thank you.

Angela F.

The job you did on my ready-to-be-discarded Finn-Comfort lace-up walking shoes is perfect and amazing. I am so grateful, as this style is no longer made. I wore the refurbished shoes all day over rough terrain yesterday, happily. Thank you.

Mary P.

I rarely write testimonials, but just had to for NuShoe. My unbelievably destroyed Finn Comfort Sylt sandals not only were repaired, but looked brand new. I love showing the excellent job done by NuShoe to friends, and absolutely intend to use this service in the future! Thanks!

Barbara M.

Greetings, Olga and Jeff, thank you both for the quick turn around of my Finn Comfort sandals with the missing buckle. It was a delight to see them in the mail right before we took off for a trip. It was so nice to have my walking sandals along during our travel and our walking tours. I really appreciate your help and give you 5 stars (that means excellent) for personal, prompt, professional and friendly service. If any of my friends need shoe service, I will certainly refer them to you.


I received my shoes this morning and I want to thank you so much for the excellent work you do. What a pleasure to put these on again. I did miss wearing them. Indeed, I wore them all afternoon while standing and cooking; ah, comfort. And now I know they’ll be good to go for some time. I will certainly send all my Finn Comfort shoes to you for repair and rehabilitation as well as recommend your services to all. Thank you again. You are just the best.

Martha M.

My Finn fisherman sandals where worn out. The shoe salesman asked if I walked from Germany with them. And of course Finn did not make that style any more. After ordering a pair of sandals the cashier asked “ did they tell you about the bag? . I got the bag, the brochure, and went online. I figured if mine came back half as good as the pictures and testimonials indicated I would be happy. Your firm exceeded my expectations. My old fisherman sandals are my new sandals. I own 6 pair of Finns and am nearly 70 years old.

Mike M.

My Finn Comfort shoes were probably 20+ years old and while the soles had unfortunately cracked through, remained otherwise some of my favorites. A local shoe repair I’d used for Mephisto and Birkenstock shoe repair couldn’t handle this job because of the unique soles. Well, I was speechless upon receipt of the repaired shoes from Nushoe. They look and feel like they have another 20 years in them.


My beloved Finn Comfort summer sandals have a new life, thanks to NuShoe. They look good, feel good and walk good. I am very pleased.

Alice E.

I just wanted to take a moment to say what a fantastic job your company did on my Finn shoes. They look like they are brand new. It was a nice surprise to get them back, it was like seeing an old friend. I will highly recommend your company to anyone who asks me. Thank you again for the great job!!! Have a great weekend!!

JoAnn G.

Wow my wife & I just received our Finn sandals, they are great, good job, could not be more pleased….we got happy feet again. Will be using your company again.

Roary and Barbara O.

Today my shoes were delivered, just as you said they would be, and I have them on. They feel wonderful, and I thank you for finally making it so that I can wear them again. They are my most comfortable shoes and I wear them more than any others in my closet. Thanks again.

M. Walker

I have been privileged to do my shopping at the various merchants in and around San Diego for the past 40 years and I have had many dealing at all levels with the merchants. It is important that I mention to you personally that you have many dedicated people that have done a good job of keeping NuShoe a great place to do business, especially Cheryl Ackin. She has an especially strong working knowledge of Finn Comfort as well as the shop operations policies. She also gave me perfect driving directions on how to navigate the traffic in the area as I live close enough to deliver the shoes personally. She is a pleasure to work with. I know you are very busy and have many issues facing you in managing the operation in a competitive marketplace, but please take the time to handwrite a short note on this letter and pass it on.

David C.


8534 Siempre Viva Road
San Diego, CA 92154